Infonomics is the emerging economic theory of information as a new asset class. It is a concept that was developed by Doug Laney a Gartner Researcher who researches Information Economy. It is a discipline that includes accounting for, managing and deploying information just as any other enterprise asset. 

Wesley Diphoko (The Infonomist founder) was inspired by the Infonomics concept and went on to develop the Infonomist concept which is concerned with the professionals who are practising infonomics. An Infonomist is someone who creates economic value based on data.

The Infonomist media platform observes the information economy,its businesses,people and new developments. It provides insightful analysis of developments that are influenced by technology. In 2017, he shared his insights about the information economy via a weekly column on South Africa's leading financial daily newspaper, Business Report. In 2018, Wesley Diphoko began to share his insights weekly about information economy on South Africa's leading talk radio station, SAfm.

The Infonomist  focuses on reporting about developments in the South African technology startup-eco-system and technology at large. In future, it will cover the broader African information economy.