Gaming is about to get serious

The gaming industry will never be the same again as leading tech giant, Apple, begins to take the industry seriously. Apple has announced new services that will disrupt  video streaming industry with Apple+, media industry with Apple News, payments industry with Apple Card and the Gaming industry with Apple Arcade. It will not be the first time Apple attempts to disrupt these industries, in fact, it’s previous attempts in these industries have failed. This time around however, the announcement of a gaming platform has everything that should make everyone pay attention, here’s why.

Apple is replicating everything it has done with the Apps economy. It’s now applying the same model to the gaming industry. When Apple introduced an App Store, it created a market and a career field. Businesses that are worth billions today were created because of the App store, App development became a serious career field. The same will happen with the gaming industry.


Now that Apple has introduced its own gaming platform, Apple Arcade, we will see the rise of gaming businesses. Apple has already collected $54 million for the iOS release of Fortnite, a gaming product that can be accessible via Apple. The tech giant has seen that there’s money to be made in the gaming industry. Apple is not alone, Google has also identified the business opportunity as a result this tech giant has also launched its own gaming streaming platform known as Stadia. Gaming is the new battleground for tech giants. Apple Arcade is  a subscription service that gets users access to a large library of games for a monthly fee, playable across iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. Apple Arcade will feature games you can’t play elsewhere. Apple boasts that the service will offer over 100 new and exclusive games. This will be a huge opportunity for businesses in the gaming industry.


The new Apple gaming platform will not only benefit businesses but also professional game developers. In the same way that the App store propelled App Developers, the new Apple gaming platform will be followed by professional game developers. Apple will be on the lookout for game developers who can create quality games. Developers of games will now have a share of the gaming market that will be created by Apple.


Playing of games will adopt a new meaning. Gaming stars will be created in the same way that the movie industry brought us stars. Now,however,  is the time to not only be excited about playing games, it’s time to be serious about developing games. Gaming startups are rare to find in the African continent, this is an opportunity for local gaming startups to rise. This is also an opportunity for schools to take gaming seriously. Games will become a major sport and professional game developers will be highly sought after by industry. Game development should be a serious field that is taught in local schools and academic institutions.

Kay Ann