TECH WAR: Google Mutes Huawei


The US and China trade war has just affected the tech world. Last week the US government added Huawei to the trade blacklist as part of the ongoing trade war between China and the US.

In response Google has suspended business with Huawei. This brings an end to transfer of hardware, software, and technical services between the two companies. This is a major blow for Huawei as the company relies on Google operating system for its main functionality.

In the long run this will affect users of Huawei devices. For now anyone who currently owns a Huawei handset will still be able to download app updates provided by Google. This however will not be the case for future Huawei handsets. All proprietary apps and services from Google—for example YouTube, Maps, or Gmail will be removed.

This development will however inspire Huawei to speed up the development of its own Operating System which is currently under development. In response to these latest developments the embattled Chinese technology giant has indicated that they’ve been working on their own Operating System which may be used when the need arise.

*This is a developing story, more details will be added as more information becomes available.

Kay Ann